Team GB

  1. Lies in.
  2. Nice coffee. Hot coffee.
  3. Long bike rides in the country.
  4. Having the girls from playgroup round for a catch up.
  5. Writing a book.
  6. Renting a field and getting a couple of cows.
  7. Oooh – a small second hand sports car. A doer up-er.
  8. Hang on a second… this is my chance to take up playing the spoons in a travelling skiffle band!

This is currently my plan. I’ve even requested a coffee machine from Father Christmas. That should help with both items 2 & 4 above, possibly even number 5.

There’s also going to be a child involved in there somewhere but how hard can that be? This is my opportunity to live out all of my dreams, whilst kicking back and relaxing.


Some of you may be aware that I might be having a baby. My ankles are swollen, I’m eating for two and I’m highly emotional.

Partly in consequence of the unacceptable gender stereotyping exhibited above, I’ve decided that I’m going to take adoption leave for a year to learn to be a wiser man and do my bit in the upbringing of my kids.

At the moment I just feel I don’t get to spend enough time with B and feel like I am missing out on so much. By taking a year off work, I hope I can do more to aid his development and also that of his baby sister (forever more named “G”).

For anyone who has read this blog previously, I talked about the strange experience at a play group where I felt like I was the only dad in the county [Sins of the father…]. I have to be honest, there is a little bit of me that is slightly nervous as to how an oafish sasquatch ingratiates himself with the mums attending various playgroups, baby swimming and daddy ballet classes. I’ve always been scared of girls but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

In that blog I talked about how it appeared dads either did very little for their kids, or at least how little it was acknowledged what they did. In fairness, I have been surprised by how many chaps there are at the pre-school gates, so maybe I’m talking nonsense.

In any event, I am no shining example of fatherhood but I am massively keen to educate B and G at least that a women’s place is not in the home and that a dad’s place is not in novelty slippers and a monthly trip to McDonald’s.

However, my main feeling at the moment is huge excitement. I get to spend more time with my wife and with two beautiful children. I may be naive but I’m sure I’ll learn to cope with the sticky bits.

Maybe someday I’ll wake up and smell the coffee.


One thought on “Team GB

  1. I have asked for an espresso machine from Santa as well, but I know from experience that I won’t get the time to sit and enjoy my coffee! I believe most dads miss out on so much in their kids life, and I found it refreshing that you decided to take a whole year off. Just be warned: once the year is up, you won’t like to go back to your day-time job. Enjoy your 2017, and your new coffee machine. XX


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