For the love of… cows

Things B loves:

  • Cows.
  • Thomas from swimming class.
  • Dinosaurs (recently rebranded “Dinos”).
  • The ruddy Lion King.
  • Cows.
  • Sometimes me.
  • Less often mummy.
  • Definitely cows.

I’m a fan of a cow. It comes from my dad taking me to help out on his cousin’s farm when I was a nipper. My ambition, other than simply managing to function from day to day, is to get a smallholding (ooh, er, missus) and take my family and get away from it all.

I also really love beef but that’s a matter between me and my personal trainer… and my cardiologist.

B has yet to develop a love of all things meaty but he has certainly picked up my love of cows.

“Daddy, can we go to the cow field?”

[First comment upon arriving home after a day of work or him arriving in our room at 5.48am (give or take a minute)]

“Guess what I saw today?”

Was it cows, by any chance?  [notwithstanding the fact his day has included his first trip to pre-school, having a light sabre fight with 84 year old Nanny DB, then soaking her with a bath squirter toy, ice cream, then unravelling an entire toilet roll and sticking it down the toilet].

“Can we go out on our bike and see some cows?”


I never thought I’d ever say this but I’m a little bit sick of them… (Sorry dad).

I’m trying to process this love of the cow. I think it’s B’s way of trying to get into the gang, find something in common with me and get my approval. I should be flattered. And I am flattered.

Mrs DB, less so. She’s wearing a Mrs DB shaped groove in the five bar gate down the road and spends more time looking at cows than the entire Country File production team.

Whilst I am flattered, I feel a bit sad that he may feel he needs to win my approval so that I don’t reject him. He doesn’t need to worry, I love him very much for who he is, even if that’s ultimately a vegetarian.

I sometimes feel like I am perhaps the first (hopefully) positive male role model he has had in his life and I am desperate to show him the right way to do things.

Mrs DB on the other hand is having to work that bit harder to win his approval. She is AMAZING and I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else or anyone better. However, I think she suffers a bit of being the third mother figure in B’s little life (after his birth family and his foster carer). Both of whom have, in his eyes, let him down.

Whilst I hope more than anything he soon realises what a fabulous woman he’s got himself, I hope he doesn’t end up swapping the love of her for the love of the cows. She’s the most important thing in his life but a man’s got to eat [beef].


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